What do you like about being a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker?  

I love animals.  I’ve had animals all of my life.  They aren’t just pets. They are family.  I’d rather be cleaning up a puppy accident, scooping a cat box or mucking a horse stall than going to a meeting or making deadlines in the corporate world.  I work for myself, my clients & their pets. I love everything about it.


Can you provide references?

Yes.  I can get you in touch with past & current clients.


Are you bonded & insured?

Yes.  Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC is bonded & insured with Kennel Pro.






How do I know I can trust you?

Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC knows that people are giving us access to their home.  We understand that handing your keys, alarm codes and pets over to someone you don’t know can make you nervous.  Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC decided to run a background check on our primary pet care personnel and make it available to our clients & potential clients here.


What qualifications do you have?

As mentioned above, I’ve had animals all my life.  I’m comfortable with them, and I learn their personalities and body language so that I can tell when something might be off.  I’m huge on communication, so I will reach out to you immediately if I see anything that sets off my “inner alarm”. I’m trained in pet first aid & CPR.  I’m am studying to sit for my Certified Professional Pet Sitter exam with Pet Sitters International.

What services are included in the price?  What is not included?

It depends on the service you choose.  Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC tried to be very thorough in including that information with each service.  All the questions that you have will be answered in our Meet & Greet.


Will you be the one handling my pet when I’m away?

Yes.  The only way that someone else would handle your pet is if there is an unforeseen accident/emergency.  Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC has additional people that are set up to be back-ups. All of them have been thoroughly vetted and are people that I would, and do, trust with the lives of me & my pets.


What is your protocol in the event of an emergency?

Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC will assess the emergency and decide on the best course of action from discussions with you at the Meet & Greet.  Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC will keep you informed and do everything to keep them safe & healthy.


How would you handle a misbehaving pet?

Generally, when you handle (verbally & physically) an animal with a kind but authoritative attitude, they respect your authority.  If you have a pet that can be mischievous and misbehave a bit, Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC like for you to share your training methods at the Meet & Greet.  Let us know how you handle it, and Leashes To Leads will follow your training. If it’s something that you’ve been struggling with and haven’t found something that works, Leashes To Leads may be able to recommend some great trainers in the area.


Will my pet be around other pets?

No.  If we come upon someone else walking their dog while on our walk, we will avoid any interaction.  If a loose animal approaches us while on a walk, every precaution will be taken to keep the situation calm and your pet safe.


How can I reach you to check on my pet?

You can call or text Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC at 352-266-1526, and you can also email  You will receive updates and photos (sometimes videos) during each visit.


If you’re going to be walking my dog(s), can we take a test walk?

Absolutely!  We can do that as part of the Meet & Greet.


Will my dog ever be off leash?

Your dog will only be off leash on your fenced in property.  They will be leashed for any walks in the neighborhood.


Can you take my dog to a dog park?

No.  Dog parks are against both Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC policy, and our insurance coverage does not allow us to take clients dogs to a dog park.


Will you move my horse from stall to pasture in the morning & back to the stall in the evening?

Yes.  Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC will want to handle your horses during the Meet & Greet to make sure that everyone is comfortable with each other.  We also want to go over exactly how you want your stalls done, and, if possible, to see you do the stall so that notes, photos and/or video can be taken to refer back to.  Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC will do everything we can to keep your horse’s routine as normal as possible.


If you have questions that weren’t covered here, please send an email to or call/text 352.266.1526


Thank you for your interest in getting in touch with Leashes To Leads Pet Care, LLC!


We do everything in our power to accommodate each client request. No two pets needs are alike and we pride ourselves on the personal, one-on-one care given to each of our lovable furry, feathered & scaled friends.


You can reach out to us 3 different ways:



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Using the Handlr app, you can set up your profile, book appointments and chat directly with us.


Thanks & have a wonderful day!

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