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My Life as a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

I left corporate America at the end of 2018 and followed a dream. I started Leashes to Leads Pet Care in January of this year, and I am absolutely having a blast. I know it will take work, time & word of mouth to build my business up to match that dream in my head, but the first steps are always the biggest and scariest. It's now April, and I'm still growing strong. I decided to start this blog to take you along on this journey with me. I will share experiences as well as products that I like, tips & tricks and other things that I've learned along the way...with client pets as well as my own. Feel free to reach out to me and let me know if you'd like something specific covered. If I haven't been through it yet, I can share what others have, or I can show you how I earned my nickname, Wiki Aimee. I love to research!

I never know what each day will bring. Here are some of my highlights of my life as a pet sitter & dog walker to date.

- Showing up at a client's home to discover that one of their Whippets, that they had left out in the garden, had discovered and delightedly rolled in raccoon poop!

- Having a very shy kitty come to me for love & brushing on only my third trip to see her!

- Having a frisky goat kid hop on my back every chance she got.

- Seeing, learning about & using the most impressive compost system ever! Not only does this client keep the most immaculate horse stall I've ever seen, but, because of her composting system, she had beautiful, green pastures when everyone else's was brown. And I met her expectations at cleaning her gorgeous horse's stall for her!

- Caring for a client's crazy, sweet menagerie so that she and her lovely fiancé could sneak off to a long weekend together and come back married! Had to create this fun photo for her.

- Teaching a border collie pup to play fetch using the "fishing for puppy" method.

- Meeting a new client and, within minutes, having her retired eventing horse's entire head cradled in my arms while I scratched her ear.

- Rescuing this ungrateful little lizard from meeting with the jaws of an adorable Malinois puppy.

- Capturing this photo of these pups at play!

I'll leave it there for now. I hope you'll keep following along in this amazing journey that I'm on.

Off to go take care of a couple of senior pups now.

Have a great day!



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